Rage Lemon Tiger Shad


  • 264 spikes produce micro vibrations
  • Extremely attractive to all predators
  • Super soft rubber
  • Perfect shape and attractive movement
  • Ideal for slow retrieve

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Introducing the innovative Rage Lemon Tiger Shad, a 9cm soft-bodied pike fishing lure that’s set to redefine your angling experience. If you’ve been on the lookout for something truly exceptional, a game-changer in the shad market, your search ends here. The name to remember is “Spikey,” and it’s about to transform the way you approach fishing.

Spikey has made waves wherever it’s been introduced, creating a buzz among anglers for good reason. Boasting an impressive 264 spikes, this lure is engineered to produce subtle yet enticing micro vibrations that have an irresistible pull on all predators. These spikes are incredibly flexible, mimicking the natural movements of prey and providing fishermen with the perfect canvas to apply long-lasting bait pastes.

Crafted through precision injection molding, Spikey is composed of a super-soft rubber mixture that ensures it maintains an ideal lure shape and offers captivating movement, even with the slowest retrieval rates. This versatile lure is a sensation among various species, including zander, perch, and black bass, making it a top choice whether you’re fishing with a jig head or any modern US-rig setup.

In summary, the Rage Lemon Tiger Shad in the Spikey variant is your key to unlocking a new level of success in pike fishing. It combines cutting-edge design and innovation, offering an array of features that set it apart as a standout choice for anglers. With Spikey in your tackle box, you’re equipped for an exciting, fruitful fishing experience that’s sure to leave you hooked on its performance.

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