Drennan Carp 7


  • Special banded tip
  • Wire stem for extra stability
  • Great for shy bites and lift bites
  • Glow Tip paint
  • Slim elongated rugby ball shape
  • Ideal for still and slow moving venues
  • Hollow 1.5mm tip
  • 0.6mm wire stem
  • Excellent buoyancy and stability
  • Ideal for maggots, casters, pellets, sweetcorn, punched bread and worms
  • Super tough acrylic paint finish
  • Black stainless steel spring eye
  • Excellent to combat surface drift and undertow


Elevate your pole fishing game with the Drennan Carp 7 Pole Fishing Float. This float is specially designed to enhance your angling experience and help you catch even the most elusive fish. Its unique features and top-notch construction make it a must-have for any serious angler.
The Carp 7 float boasts a special banded tip that ensures excellent bite detection. Whether you’re dealing with shy bites or lift bites, this float’s design allows you to stay on top of the action and strike at the right moment. The glow tip paint further enhances visibility, making it easier to track the movement of your float.
With its slim elongated rugby ball shape, the Carp 7 float excels in still and slow-moving venues. It offers superb stability and buoyancy, ensuring that your bait remains in the strike zone for longer. The hollow 1.5mm tip and 0.6mm wire stem contribute to its exceptional performance, providing the perfect balance of sensitivity and stability.
Versatility is key, and the Carp 7 float delivers. It is suitable for a wide range of baits, including maggots, casters, pellets, sweetcorn, punched bread, and worms. Whatever your preferred bait, this float will accommodate it with ease, allowing you to target various species and adapt to different fishing conditions.
Built to withstand the rigors of angling, the Carp 7 float features a super tough acrylic paint finish and a black stainless steel spring eye. These durable components ensure longevity and reliability, so you can fish with confidence for countless sessions to come.
One of the Carp 7 float’s standout features is its excellent ability to combat surface drift and undertow. This makes it an ideal choice for fishing in challenging currents, where maintaining control of your bait presentation is crucial for success.
Upgrade your pole fishing setup with the Drennan Carp 7 Pole Fishing Float and experience the difference it can make in your angling pursuits. Its exceptional performance, durability, and versatility will give you the edge you need to outsmart and land more fish.

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