Drennan Carp Maggot


  • Stronger Silverfish Maggot hook
  • Finished in red colour
  • Perfect for red maggots
  • Medium to long shank; Swept crystal bend
  • Chemically etched long needle point
  • Pack of 10 hooks


The robust Drennan Carp Maggot stands as an improved version of the Silverfish Maggot Hook, presenting anglers with an upgraded solution for their fishing requirements. Characterized by its vivid red colour, this hook is strategically crafted for optimal performance with red maggots, adding a visual element that can attract and entice fish effectively. The attention to detail extends to its construction, featuring a medium to long shank and a swept crystal bend, rendering it a versatile and reliable choice adaptable to a wide spectrum of fishing techniques.

A key highlight of the Strong Silverfish Maggot Hook is its chemically etched long needle point, a precision feature that guarantees both reliability and accuracy in hooking. This attribute significantly elevates the hook’s effectiveness, making it particularly adept at securing silverfish and other smaller species of fish. Whether you’re engaged in delicate presentations or more robust fishing methods, the Drennan Carp Maggot proves to be a dependable companion.

Each pack of the Strong Silverfish Maggot Hook comprises 10 meticulously crafted hooks, ensuring that anglers are well-equipped with an ample supply for their fishing excursions. This thoughtful packaging approach not only provides convenience but also underscores the hook’s reliability, allowing anglers to focus on the art of fishing without the worry of running out of essential equipment.

In summary, the Drennan Carp Maggot represents a superior choice for anglers seeking strength, precision, and versatility in their hooks. The striking red colour, coupled with its medium to long shank and swept crystal bend, enhances its adaptability across various fishing techniques. The chemically etched long needle point ensures consistent and accurate hooking, making it an ideal tool for capturing silverfish and smaller species. With each pack containing 10 hooks, this offering stands as a reliable and well-rounded solution for your fishing endeavours.

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Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18, Size 20

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