Drennan Acolyte Gripper


  • Strong bagging hook
  • Ideal for big fish on natural venues
  • Perfect for meat, corn, maggots, casters, worms
  • Ultra strong and durable
  • Micro barbed super sharp points
  • Spade end forged
  • PTFE coated
  • 10 per pack


Introducing the Drennan Acolyte Gripper Hooks!

In recent years, the development of new materials and processing techniques has brought about significant enhancements in the strength and durability of large-eyed hooks. However, these advancements hadn’t found their way to fine wire spade ends. After nearly three years of dedicated development, we’re excited to announce that we’ve successfully overcome all technical challenges. Now, we proudly present fine wire spade ends with all the remarkable improvements seamlessly integrated!

Here’s what makes the new Acolyte Spade Ends stand out:

  1. Significant Strength Improvement: Experience a notable increase in strength, reducing concerns about the hook’s inclination to gape during crucial moments.
  2. Sharper Needle Points: With enhanced strength, the needle points can now be ground finer and sharper, optimizing your hooking capabilities for more successful catches.
  3. Long-term Durability: The same increase in strength not only sharpens the needle points but also ensures a more enduring and durable performance over the long haul.
  4. Versatile Patterns: Choose from four classic patterns, available in both barbed and barbless options. This versatility caters to diverse angling preferences and scenarios.
  5. Protective P.T.F.E. Coating: With the exception of the Finesse pattern, all hooks come equipped with a protective P.T.F.E. coating. This coating enhances durability and adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your hooks remain in prime condition.

The Drennan Acolyte Gripper Hooks showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of hook design, providing anglers with cutting-edge tools that deliver unparalleled performance. Whether you’re angling for strength, sharpness, or versatility, these hooks are designed to exceed expectations, ensuring a more successful and enjoyable fishing experience on the water.

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Size 10, Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18

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