Fox Super Wide Hooks


  • Super wide gaped version of the Wide Gape beaked point Edges hook with an out-turned eye
  • Increased gape leaves point more exposed to penetrate in the fish’s mouth
  • Perfect for Chod and Hinge stiff rigs and fluorocarbon D-Rigs
  • Beaked point helps reduce hook pulls and makes it perfect for fishing bottom baits on hard gravel
  • Super sharp
  • Arma Point technology
  • 20 degree out-turned eye
  • Non-reflective dark coating
  • Super strong yet lightweight XC81 Vanadium forged steel construction

Available in sizes: 6, 5, 4 and 2


The Fox Super Wide Hooks represent a significant advancement in hook design, particularly tailored for anglers who favor Chod, Hinged, and Flurocarbon D-rigs. This hook is the result of extensive discussions and collaborations between our team of consultants and highly experienced anglers. The central idea behind the Super Wide Hooks is to maximize the gape width, a concept widely embraced by many anglers who believe that a wider gape can lead to more successfully hooked carp.

In response to this concept, we embarked on a mission to design a hook with an even wider gape than our already popular Wide Gape and Stiff Rig hooks. The outcome of this endeavor is the “Super Wide Gape” hook, characterized by a lengthy, wide, sweeping bend, an exceptionally sharp beaked point, and a gape wider than any hook we have previously introduced to the angling community.

Extensive testing has demonstrated the remarkable fish-catching abilities of the Fox Super Wide Hooks. Even on the simplest of rigs, these hooks have proven to be incredible performers. The generous width of the gape plays a crucial role here. When a fish inhales the rig, upon its eventual ejection, there is an ample amount of hook point exposed, greatly enhancing the likelihood of a secure hook hold. This feature allows you to focus less on the mechanics of your rig and more on the critical task of placing it in the perfect spot for a successful catch.

The Fox Super Wide Hooks are a testament to our commitment to providing anglers with innovative and highly effective tools for their fishing pursuits. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the sport, these hooks are designed to elevate your fishing experience and boost your success on the water. With the Fox Super Wide Hooks, you can have confidence in your rig’s performance, allowing you to concentrate on the art of angling and the thrill of landing your prized catch.

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2, 4, 5, 6

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