Spomb Midi X


  • Releases on impact
  • Ideal for extreme range
  • Weight forward design
  • Weighs appx. 5.5oz when filled
  • High density foam body
  • Use heavy shockleader
  • Always use a finger stall


The Spomb Midi X is a highly reliable and proven bait delivery device that has earned its reputation among anglers. This ingenious tool releases bait upon impact with the water, ensuring accurate and efficient baiting every time.
Designed with a weight-forward approach, the Spomb Midi X allows you to cast further compared to other Spomb models. Its extreme range capabilities make it a favorite choice for anglers who need to reach distant spots with their bait.
When filled, the Midi X weighs approximately 5 to 5.5 ounces, providing sufficient weight for smooth and controlled casting. The body of the Midi X is made with high-density foam, ensuring buoyancy and stable bait delivery.
To maximize the performance of the Spomb Midi X, it is essential to use a heavy braided or monofilament shock leader. This will help reduce the chances of crack-offs during casting, allowing you to bait up with confidence.
Additionally, using a finger stall when baiting up with a Spomb is highly recommended. This safety measure protects your finger from potential line burns and ensures a comfortable and controlled baiting process.
The Midi X is a reliable and effective baiting tool that enhances your fishing experience and helps you deliver bait with precision. Whether you’re targeting distant spots or aiming for accuracy, the Spomb Midi X is a must-have companion for any angler looking to improve their baiting game and achieve successful results. Trust in the tried and trusted Midi X for all your bait delivery needs and enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable fishing session.

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