Fox Spod Bucket Strap


  • Lightweight compact strap
  • 4 bankstick connection mouldings
  • Stainless threads
  • Fits square or round buckets
  • Ensures perfect tension
  • Use with any banksticks or poles
  • Bucket not included

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The Fox Spod Bucket Strap is a must-have for every angler looking for a lightweight and compact spod station solution. Crafted from durable polyester, this strap features four bankstick connection mouldings, allowing you to securely attach your spod bucket without the need for permanent fixtures.
The stainless threads and living hinges are designed to accommodate both square and round buckets, providing versatility and convenience. With the orange size indicator stitching, you can easily achieve the perfect tension by aligning the colored stitching in the window of the adjustable buckle and sliding it up the taper of the bucket into position.
Designed for ease of use, the Fox Spod Bucket Strap can be used with any banksticks or storm poles, making it a versatile and adaptable accessory for your fishing gear. Whether you’re spodding at a distance or need quick access to bait, this strap ensures your bucket stays securely in place.
Enjoy the flexibility and functionality of the Fox Spod Bucket Strap and elevate your angling experience. Please note that the bucket is not included, but with this reliable and easy-to-use strap, you’ll be well-prepared for efficient and effective baiting on the bank. Trust in Fox’s commitment to quality and innovation, and make your fishing sessions more productive and enjoyable.

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