Spomb Float


  • Threads on back of Spomb
  • Stops Spomb sinking
  • Can be retrieved if line breaks
  • Streamlined design
  • Easy distance casting
  • Two colours per pack

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The Spomb Float is an ingenious accessory designed to enhance your Spomb experience and ensure you never lose your valuable baiting tool. With its simple yet effective design, the Spomb Float threads onto the back of your Spomb, preventing it from sinking in case of a line break.
No more worries about losing your Spomb in deep water or during long-range casting sessions. The Spomb Float keeps your Spomb buoyant, allowing you to retrieve it easily, even if unforeseen circumstances occur.
The streamlined design of the Spomb Float minimally affects casting distance, ensuring that your baiting accuracy remains spot-on. You can cast with confidence, knowing that your Spomb will stay afloat until you retrieve it.
Each packet includes two Spomb Floats: one in vibrant red and another in classic white and black. The eye-catching colours not only add style to your fishing setup but also make it easy to spot your Spomb from a distance.
Don’t let a line break ruin your fishing day and cost you your valuable baiting tool. Invest in the Spomb Float and fish with peace of mind, knowing that your Spomb will always be safe and retrievable. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, the Spomb Float is a must-have accessory to enhance your baiting game and make your fishing adventures more enjoyable. Cast with confidence, retrieve with ease, and keep your baiting tool afloat with the Spomb Float.

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