Fox Impact Spod


  • Fox Impact SpodRapid single handed loading
  • Shape allows complete fill
  • Accurate baiting at extreme range
  • Floats if cracked off


The Fox Impact Spod stands as a testament to innovation in the world of bait delivery. It introduces a range of remarkable features that distinguish it from any other bait delivery device currently available in the market.

Developed and offered under an official license from Spomb® Fishing Limited, the creation of the Fox Impact Spod was the result of an extensive and meticulous three-year research and development program. Countless hours were dedicated to field testing and refinement, ensuring that it met the highest standards of performance and functionality.

One of the standout features of the Impact Spod from Fox is its unique ‘scoop’ body shape. This design innovation allows for lightning-fast, single-handed loading, simplifying the baiting process and saving you valuable time on the bank. Furthermore, it offers a tapered bait release option, providing the flexibility to disperse your free offerings across a wider area, making it particularly advantageous when employing a boilie-only fishing strategy.

In flight, the Impact Spod exhibits remarkable stability, ensuring a smooth and precise bait release. The ‘complete fill’ design of this bait delivery device allows you to distribute your bait as swiftly as possible, and it also plays a role in achieving an even weight distribution for precise baiting accuracy.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting your fishing journey, this Fox spod is engineered to elevate your baiting experience to new heights. Its cutting-edge design and meticulous craftsmanship make it a go-to choice for anglers seeking efficiency and effectiveness in their bait delivery. Experience the difference for yourself and take your baiting strategy to the next level with the Fox Impact Spod.

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