ESP Twin Walled Latex


  • 2 x 30cm lengths
  • Fits all ESP catapults

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The ESP Twin Walled Latex Tube replacement is a versatile accessory designed to improve the performance of all ESP catapults. Catapults with short or over-powered elastics can often lead to an undesirable acceleration of the bait load, causing it to spread widely upon release. This replacement latex tube addresses this issue by providing a solution that ensures a controlled and efficient bait delivery.
The unique design of the Twin Walled Latex Tube offers several advantages. It introduces a long, gradual, and powerful acceleration to the bait load, resulting in an impressive casting distance while minimizing the spread of bait upon release. This controlled acceleration is crucial for achieving accurate bait placement, especially when targeting specific areas or features in the water.
Natural latex is known for its remarkable elasticity and power, which contribute to the effectiveness of this replacement tube. However, it’s important to note that natural latex has a finite lifespan and can wear out over time due to repeated use. Regular replacement of the latex tube is recommended to ensure consistent and optimal performance.
To make the replacement process even more convenient, the ESP Twin Walled Latex Tube comes with easy installation instructions. By replacing worn-out or damaged latex tubes with this accessory, anglers can maintain the reliability and accuracy of their bait delivery, ensuring a successful fishing experience. Whether you’re casting at various distances or aiming for specific spots in the water, this replacement latex tube can help you achieve precise bait distribution and maximize your chances of a successful catch.

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