Sonubaits Natural One to One Paste


  • Perfect paste every time
  • Mix 1 water to 1 paste
  • Free paste pot included
  • Simply roll into ball
  • Fold paste over hook
  • Mould round the hook
  • Place in pot and ship out

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Sonubaits Natural One to One Paste offers a revolutionary solution for anglers in the UK who have long grappled with the complexities of traditional paste mixing. Mixing paste has never been easier thanks to One to One Paste, which provides consistently perfect paste mixtures every time with a straightforward formula: just add one pot of water to one pot of powdered paste mix.
This exceptional paste is available in nine delightful flavors, and each bag includes a complimentary Preston Innovations Paste Pot, an indispensable addition to any angler’s paste fishing arsenal. This pot ensures precise delivery of your feed and paste hookbait with each cast.
For optimal paste use, follow this simple method: take your desired amount, shape it into a ball, create an indentation with your thumb, place the hook in the thumbprint, fold the paste over the hook, and mold it around the hook. Your paste bait is now ready to be placed in the pot.
Additionally, each bag of One to One Paste comes with a free paste pot designed for pole shipping. These pots, designed by Andy Findlay, work best when a few Fin Perfect Feed Pellets are added to the bottom before shipping out. This addition helps attract fish to your swim, increasing your chances of a successful catch. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of Sonubaits Natural One to One Paste for your fishing endeavors in the UK.

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