Salmo Slick Stick


  • Proven European classic lure
  • Length 6cm
  • Weight 3g
  • Long cast system (LC)
  • Internal rattle system
  • High impact plastic
  • Ultrasonic body welding
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • VMC 75 series hooks
  • 3-D eyes
  • Stainless split rings


The Salmo Slick Stick is a well-established European classic lure that has received a transformative update by the skilled craftsmen at Salmo. When fish require a bit more action beneath the surface to entice them to strike, the Salmo Slick Stick rises to the occasion, generating pressure waves that lure predators out of their complacency and provoke them to strike. Each Salmo Slick Stick is handcrafted and painted in Poland, undergoing rigorous tank testing and precise hand tuning to ensure flawless swimming performance straight out of the box.
The lure boasts a length of 2-3/8″ and a weight of 1/16oz, perfect for delivering precise casts. Its long cast system (LC) enhances casting distance, making it ideal for reaching distant targets. The internal rattle system produces enticing sounds that attract fish from afar, maximizing its effectiveness.
Built for extreme durability, the Salmo Slick Stick features high-impact plastic (HIP) construction and ultrasonic body welding (UBW), ensuring it can withstand the harshest fishing conditions. Its polycarbonate lip provides precise action, further enhancing its appeal to predatory fish.
The Slick Stick is finished with VMC 75 series hooks, 3-D eyes, and US-made stainless steel split rings, assuring top-notch performance and reliability. Proudly hand-crafted and tank-tuned in Poland, this lure exemplifies the meticulous craftsmanship that has become synonymous with the Salmo brand.
With its proven track record and handcrafted excellence, the Slick Stick stands as a remarkable addition to any angler’s arsenal, promising exhilarating fishing experiences and successful catches with every cast.

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Bleak, Perch, Shad, Brownie, Green Tiger, Stickleback, Blue Shiner, Olive Bleak, Green Bone Flash

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