Salmo Hornet 9cm Floating


  • Perfect for the largest Pike and Catfish
  • Ideal for the largest lakes and reservoirs
  • Weight 36g 1.25oz
  • Diving depth 3,5m to 5m, 12ft to 16ft


Introducing the Salmo Hornet 9cm Floating lure, a masterpiece born out of a collaboration with some of Europe’s most skilled and dedicated catfish hunters. Crafted with precision and purpose, this remarkable Hornet quickly proved its mettle within the esteemed Salmo family. Today, it stands as a prominent and sought-after predator catcher, making waves in both the UK and Europe.

Designed to face the most formidable of aquatic giants, this Hornet is more than up to the task of challenging and outsmarting even the largest of Pike and Catfish. Its versatility shines, excelling in both casting and trolling applications. What sets it apart is its powerful vibrations, which translate to discernible sensations at the rod tip, allowing anglers to maintain precise control, even when trolling this crankbait up to a remarkable 50 meters behind the boat.

But the Hornet’s allure extends beyond catfish and pike. Large Pike are equally drawn to its irresistible charm, making it a preferred choice for anglers targeting these majestic fish on the grandest of lakes and reservoirs.

With the Salmo Hornet 9cm Floating lure in your arsenal, you’re not just acquiring a fishing tool; you’re embracing a piece of angling artistry. It promises not only to deliver success but also to elevate your angling experience as you venture into the thrilling world of predator fishing. Whether you’re on the serene waters of the UK or exploring the diverse landscapes of Europe, this lure stands as a testament to innovation and dedication in the pursuit of these formidable aquatic predators.

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