Preston Natural N-10


  • Perfect for pole and waggler
  • Ideal for maggots, casters, pinkies
  • Great for all silver fish
  • 15 per pack


Introducing the Preston Pro Natural N-10 hook, the ultimate choice for pole and waggler fishing enthusiasts. This hook is meticulously designed to excel in various angling scenarios, making it a versatile and reliable option for every angler’s tackle box.

The Pro Natural N-10 hook is specifically crafted to accommodate a wide range of bait options. Whether you prefer using maggots, casters, pinkies, or worms, this hook ensures optimal presentation and enhanced bait retention. Its versatile design allows for effortless baiting, giving you the flexibility to adapt to different fishing conditions.

Featuring a round bend and longer shank, this hook is perfectly tailored for pole and running line setups. The round bend design offers superior hooking potential, providing a secure and effective hook hold. The longer shank further enhances the hook’s versatility, allowing you to target various species with confidence.

Renowned for its effectiveness in catching roach, perch, and skimmers, the Pro Natural N-10 hook is an excellent choice for anglers targeting smaller species. Its precision engineering ensures optimum performance when using smaller baits, giving you the competitive edge to attract and land your desired catch.

The Pro Natural N-10 hook is a reliable companion for anglers fishing in venues with smaller species. Its exceptional design and performance make it the go-to hook for any fishing location that is home to these delightful fish. Whether you’re fishing in rivers, lakes, or canals, this hook is sure to deliver consistent results.

Each packet of the Pro Natural N-10 hook contains 15 hooks, providing you with an ample supply for your angling sessions. With this generous quantity, you can be confident that you’ll always have the right hook at your disposal, ensuring uninterrupted fishing enjoyment.

Choose the Preston Pro Natural N-10 hook and experience the perfect combination of versatility, reliability, and performance. Elevate your fishing game and increase your chances of success with this exceptional hook designed to meet the demands of pole and waggler fishing.

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