Nash Speed Ezi Drop Lead Clip


  • Ejects weight more readily
  • Smooth rear stem
  • Perfect for weedy or snaggy situations
  • One-piece moulded clip body
  • Ideal with leaders or tubing
  • Integral quick-change swivel


The Nash Speed Ezi Drop Lead Clip is a game-changing addition to your angling gear. These lead clips are designed to expedite the ejection of the weight, thanks to a smooth rear stem that enables the tail rubber to release under less pressure. This feature makes them particularly well-suited for use in weedy or snaggy fishing situations.
The one-piece moulded body of the Speed Ezi Drop Lead Clip offers versatility in attachment methods, as it can be spliced, looped, or knotted, allowing for compatibility with leaders, tubing, or naked end tackles. Additionally, the integral quick-change swivel simplifies rig replacement, eliminating the need for knotting.
To further cater to your preferences and ensure optimal end tackle concealment, these lead clips are available in both camouflage green and dark silt finishes. The Nash Speed Ezi Drop Lead Clip is your key to a smoother and more efficient angling experience, especially in challenging environments where quick weight ejection and easy rig replacement are paramount.

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Green, Silt

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