Nash Bolt Machine


  • Long range surface fishing float
  • Self hooking
  • Unrivalled aerodynamics and stability
  • Soft rubber semi fixed insert
  • White low glare finish
  • Interchangeable bodies and inserts


The Nash Bolt Machine is the ultimate long-range controller float, offering outstanding performance for self-hooking surface fishing. Its aerodynamic design and stability ensure precise casting at impressive distances, allowing you to reach fish in far-off spots.
Equipped with a soft rubber semi-fixed insert, the Nash Bolt Machine ensures that once a fish takes the bait, it gets hooked securely, minimizing the chances of missed opportunities.
Designed with a white low glare finish, the float effectively conceals itself on the water’s surface, preventing fish from becoming wary and ensuring a more natural presentation of your bait.
The Nash Bolt Machine is available in two weight options, 7 or 15 grams, and comes with interchangeable bodies and foam sight inserts, which are perfect for closer range fishing and provide versatility to suit various fishing situations.
For those targeting fish at even longer distances, the Nash Bolt Machine also offers heavier options of 30, 55, or 125 grams. With this float, you can confidently cast over 100 meters, reaching those hard-to-reach hotspots.
Whether you are a seasoned angler or just starting, the Nash Bolt Machine long-range controller float is a valuable addition to your fishing gear. Its exceptional features and performance make it a top choice for surface fishing and increase your chances of success on the water.

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30g, 7g, 15g, 55g, 125g

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