Matrix Core Elastic


  • 100% pure latex
  • Ultra bright fluoro colours
  • Amber core
  • 3m length


Matrix Core Elastic, a great solution to pole elastication meticulously crafted to accommodate a diverse array of pole fishing styles. Boasting six distinct sizes, this elastic is precision-engineered from 100% pure latex, ensuring a top-tier and resilient performance on the water. The vibrant ultra-bright fluorescent colors not only augment visibility but also introduce a stylish touch to your fishing gear.

What truly distinguishes the Matrix Core Elastic is its integrated amber core, seamlessly extending across the entire range. This unique feature not only fortifies its structural integrity but also enhances its reliability in various fishing scenarios. Delivered in thoughtfully measured 3m lengths per package, this elastic provides the flexibility needed to meet your angling requirements.

The versatility of this Matrix pole elastic is evident in its size range, spanning from 6-8 (1.40mm) to 16-18 (2.60mm). Whether you lean towards a finer gauge or opt for a sturdier choice, the Matrix Core Elastic has you covered. Elevate your pole fishing experience with this comprehensive and meticulously designed elastic, where innovation seamlessly meets performance.

Key Features:

  • 100% pure latex pole elastic catering to all pole fishing styles
  • Vibrant ultra-bright fluorescent colors for enhanced visibility
  • Integrated amber core throughout the entire range
  • Convenient 3m length per package for optimal flexibility

Additional information


6-8/1.40mm, 8-10/1.80mm, 10-12/2.10mm, 12-14/2.30mm, 14-16/2.40mm, 16-18/2.60mm

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