Fox Slow Melt System


  • High quality PVA mesh
  • Anti ladder
  • Refills your PVA Mesh System
  • Stix 14mm
  • Narrow 25mm
  • Wide 35mm


The Fox Edges PVA Mesh is the highest quality anti-ladder PVA mesh available. It is made from a strong and durable material that will not ladder, even when it is filled with heavy baits.
The mesh is designed to be refilled into your Edges PVA Mesh System, making it easy to create bait presentations that are both effective and attractive to fish.
The mesh is available in three sizes to suit different needs. The Stix 14mm size is ideal for small baits, such as maggots and micro pellets. The Narrow 25mm size is ideal for medium-sized baits, such as boilies and corn. The Wide 35mm size is ideal for large baits, such as pop-ups and tigers.
Slow Melt options are also available for summer use or in deep water. The Slow Melt mesh dissolves more slowly than the Fast Melt mesh, allowing your bait to stay on the bottom for longer.

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Wide 35mm, Narrow 25mm, Stix 14mm

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