Matrix Pole Roost


  • Holds 12 top kits or rods
  • Shaped foam prevents kits lifting
  • Double extending legs to 670mm
  • Width 725mm
  • Weight 2.2kg
  • Packed size 185 x 165 x 815mm
  • Durable carry case

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The Matrix Pole Roost is a 12 Kit Roost that is a versatile accessory designed to accommodate 12 top-kits or rods, providing secure and convenient storage. The hex-shaped EVA foam is specifically engineered to prevent the kits from lifting out, ensuring they remain in place during transportation.
Equipped with double-extending legs, this roost offers adjustable height, with a maximum extension of 670mm. The oversized leg extrusions enhance stability, providing a sturdy and reliable support for your kits or rods. Additionally, the roost is compatible with our roller leg extensions, allowing for further customization and flexibility.
With an overall width of 725mm, the Matrix Pole Roost offers ample space to organize and store your fishing equipment. Despite its robust construction, it remains lightweight with a weight of 2.2kg, ensuring easy transport and maneuverability.
When not in use, the Matrix 12 Kit Roost can be conveniently stored in the provided durable carry case. Its storage dimensions of H185 x W165 x L815mm make it compact and easy to handle.
Experience the convenience and reliability of the Matrix 12 Kit Roost. Keep your top-kits or rods secure, organized, and protected during transportation and storage. This essential accessory offers practicality and durability, ensuring that your fishing equipment is in optimal condition when you’re ready to hit the bank.

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