Korum V Rest


  • Simple wide angled V
  • Cup to locate rod top
  • Line runs freely
  • Ideal for all fishing

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The Korum V rest is a versatile and reliable tool for anglers of all levels. Its simple yet effective design features a wide angled V shape rod rest head, providing a stable platform to keep your rod securely in place during your fishing sessions.

The cup on the rest is specifically designed to locate your rod top, ensuring it stays firmly in position. Additionally, the groove on the rest allows your line to run freely, reducing any potential friction that could affect your fishing experience.

Whether you’re fishing from the shore, beach, lake, or river, this rod rest is an ideal companion. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for various fishing Korum V rest, giving you the flexibility to fish wherever you choose.

Don’t compromise on the security and functionality of your fishing rod. Invest in this reliable rod rest and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind it provides. Keep your rod steady and your line free, allowing you to focus on your fishing and maximise your angling success.

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