Matrix Flexi Rest


  • Push button tilting rest
  • Rod will not pull out
  • Ideal for commercial carp
  • Soft lime rubber
  • Line moves freely

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The Matrix Flexi Rest is a 180 degree push button tilting rod rest is a versatile and practical accessory for anglers. With its innovative design, this rod rest allows you to easily adjust the angle to suit your preference. The push button mechanism ensures quick and convenient tilting for optimal positioning of your rod.

The angular design of the rod rest is specifically engineered to prevent your rod from being pulled out, providing added security and peace of mind during your fishing sessions. This feature is especially beneficial when targeting carp in commercial fishing environments.

Featuring a soft lime rubber over mould, this Matrix Flexi Rest not only protects your rod from scratches and damage but also provides a reliable grip to keep it securely in place. The soft rubber material ensures a comfortable and secure fit, minimising the risk of your rod slipping or sliding.

Additionally, the line recess on the rod rest allows your line to move freely, reducing any potential friction or interference that could impact your fishing performance. This ensures smooth and unhindered line movement, allowing you to maintain control and responsiveness while angling.

Enhance your angling experience with the convenience and functionality of the 180º push button tilting rod rest. Its versatile design, protective features, and line-friendly recess make it an ideal choice for various fishing scenarios. Invest in this reliable rod rest and enjoy improved stability and control during your fishing adventures.

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