Korda Rubber Bead


  • Soft compound bead
  • Ideal for standard and leadcore leaders
  • Perfect for running rig setup
  • Safe passage over knots
  • 25 per pack
  • Choose Size then Colour


Dive into the world of advanced angling with the versatile Korda Rubber Bead—an indispensable accessory tailored for seamless integration into both marker and running-rig setups. The 5mm Rubber Fishing Beads from Korda emerge as essential components, playing a pivotal role in effectively distributing pressure during the intense battles with fish, especially in situations where tension runs high.

Meticulously crafted with a tapered bore, these rubber beads not only ensure safety remains a paramount concern but also open the door to a myriad of applications. Available in packs of 25, these beads prove their utility in diverse scenarios, whether adorning Safe Zone leaders or Kable leadcore leaders. The soft compound of the bead facilitates a secure passage over knots, introducing an additional layer of reliability to your rig and enhancing the overall durability of your fishing gear.

The Korda Rubber Bead offers you the freedom to choose from a range of brown or green colour options, allowing you to tailor your setup to match your angling preferences with style. Elevate your angling experience to new heights by integrating the Korda Rubber Bead into your arsenal, providing a versatile and secure solution for managing pressure, all while amplifying the effectiveness of your fishing rig. Each pack contains 25 beads, ensuring you have an ample supply for various fishing expeditions. Upgrade your gear, enhance your rig, and embark on a fishing experience characterized by precision, safety, and reliability with the Korda Rubber Bead.

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4mm, 5mm


Brown, Green

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