Korda Pulla Tool


  • Easily pull knots tight
  • Simple to check knot strength
  • 2mm stainless hook
  • Fits through swivels and loops
  • Makes rig tying simple

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The Korda Pulla Tool is a versatile and handy accessory designed to make rig tying and knot tightening a breeze for anglers. This innovative tool allows you to easily and efficiently pull knots tight on your hook links, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between components.
One of the key advantages of the Korda Pulla Tool is its simplicity in checking knot strength. By using the Pulla Tool, you can ensure that your knots are tight and dependable, giving you confidence in the reliability of your rigs.
Crafted with a 2mm stainless steel hook, this Korda tool is perfectly sized to fit through swivels and loops with ease. This feature streamlines the rig tying process, making it much more straightforward and less time-consuming. No more struggling with tight knots or worrying about the strength of your connections—the Pulla Tool has got you covered.
Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, this Pulla Tool is an indispensable addition to your fishing gear. Its practical design and user-friendly functionality will save you time and effort on the bank, allowing you to focus on what matters most—catching fish. Trust in the quality and innovation of Korda products, and let the Pulla Tool become an essential tool in your fishing success.

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