ESP Rod Socks


  • Protection for assembled rods
  • Lightweight
  • Slight padding
  • Ideal for any rod
  • Elasticated drawcord

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ESP Rod socks are a straightforward and widely embraced means of securing and safeguarding assembled fishing rods for transportation. These rod socks are lightweight, user-friendly, and come with a slight padding to offer protection to rod tips and joints. They are versatile and adaptable to various butt guide placements, thanks to the availability of two different sock lengths. To ensure a secure fit during transit, an elasticated drawcord is integrated.
Key Features:
Ensures the secure transportation and protection of assembled fishing rods.
Lightweight and user-friendly design.
Slight padding for added protection to rod tips and joints.
Accommodates a range of butt guide placements.
Includes an elasticated drawcord to prevent slipping during transit.

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