Korda Long Shank X


  • Designed for pressured waters
  • Long straight point will catch faster
  • Strong for its weight
  • Suits all carping situations
  • 20 degree in turned eye


Korda Long Shank X Carp Fishing Hooks are specifically crafted to target ultra-rig shy fish in heavily pressured waters. The unique design of these hooks features a long, straight point that ensures a quick and secure hook hold in the carp’s mouth, making it faster and more effective than other hook patterns.
These hooks are coated with Teflon, enhancing their durability and ensuring they remain sharp for extended use. The 20-degree in-turned eye is a key feature that aids in the hook’s ability to flick over and securely catch hold in the carp’s mouth, increasing the chances of successful hook-ups.
Designed with precision and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern carp fishing, the Long Shank X hooks from Korda are a reliable choice for anglers who seek optimal performance in challenging fishing conditions. Whether you’re targeting wary fish in pressured waters or aiming for the catch of a lifetime, these hooks will prove to be an essential asset in your carp fishing tackle collection. Trust in Korda’s reputation for producing high-quality fishing gear, and you won’t be disappointed with the Long Shank X Carp Fishing Hooks!

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