Kamakuru Krank Barbless


  • Ultimate big carp hook
  • Ultra sharp long lasting points
  • Barbless
  • Pack of 10


Kamakuru Krank Barbless hooks, a testament to Korda’s dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in hook design. These hooks represent the pride of Korda and are the culmination of three years of unwavering commitment and innovation.
In their quest for perfection, Korda pushed the boundaries of production, breaking free from conventional molds to introduce the ultra-sharp hooking capability typically associated with hand-sharpened hooks to the commercial fishing scene. This breakthrough opened up a world of lethal possibilities for anglers everywhere.
Hand-sharpening hooks to this level of precision would typically result in hooks becoming too thin and fragile for practical use in a short amount of time. However, with Kamakuru Krank Barbless hooks, Korda has managed to preserve the durability and consistency of commercially manufactured hooks while delivering the razor-sharp performance that anglers demand.
These chemically sharpened hooks offer a smart and effective choice for your terminal tackle, providing reliability and assurance that you can rely on to land the biggest carp every time you cast your line. Korda’s relentless dedication to innovation ensures that you have a top-notch tool at your disposal, ready to bring those trophy fish out of the water on every cast.

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