Korda Krank Choddy B


  • Ultimate chod hook
  • Barbless
  • Great for bottom rigs
  • Ideal with coated braid or mono
  • Out turned eye
  • Beaked point
  • Unrivaled hook hold


The Korda Krank Choddy B Barbless fishing hook stands as a remarkable addition to any angler’s arsenal, a testament to innovation and precision in the world of fishing gear. This hook was born from the original Krank hook, with Tom Dove’s vision to create a chod version featuring an out-turned eye. His inspiration came from the fascinating way the continuously curving shank perfectly mirrors the curvature of the chod rig, resulting in what many experienced anglers now consider the ultimate chod hook.

Much like its standard Krank counterpart, the Korda Krank Choddy B hook features a beaked point and a slight offset configuration. These design elements work in harmony to deliver unparalleled hook-hold security, ensuring that your prized catch remains firmly attached to your line. What sets these hooks apart is their adaptability, as they can seamlessly accommodate unstripped, coated braid, or mono hook links, making them a versatile choice for crafting highly effective bottom-bait rigs.

By adding the Korda Krank Chod Barbless fishing hooks to your tackle box, you open the door to a new level of angling precision and success. These hooks embody the fusion of innovation and effectiveness, designed to enhance your chances of landing that elusive prize catch. With the Korda Krank Choddy B in your arsenal, you’re equipped for angling excellence on your next fishing adventure.

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Size 10, Size 6, Size 8, Size 4

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