Korda Chod Krimps


  • 40% smaller than standard crimps
  • Creates great QC loops
  • Ideal with all Mouth Trap
  • Stronger than knots
  • Use with Krimping Tools


Introducing the Korda Chod Krimps, a game-changer in the world of rig customisation. The ability to make quick changes (QC) to your rig is a monumental time-saver, a practice we’ve embraced with standard rigs for years. However, when it comes to constructing a Chod Rig, the short length of stiff material has traditionally made it a fiddly and frustrating process, especially for very short chods.

That’s where Krimping with our Mouth Trap Chod Filament has gained popularity as a means of creating a QC Chod, utilising our standard 0.6mm krimps, which are typically associated with our popular Boom material when crafting Spinner Rigs. While the standard krimps served their purpose, they weren’t ideal for Chod Rigs. Recognising this challenge, the Korda Product Development Team has risen to the occasion by introducing specialised krimps designed to make constructing neat and tidy Chod Rigs a breeze.

These new krimps are a remarkable 40% smaller than the standard versions, offering a more precise and efficient solution. They’re compatible with the 15lb, 20lb, and 25lb versions of our Mouth Trap Chod Filament, ensuring a QC loop that’s stronger than any knot. This strength is particularly critical for short hooklinks, where the knot bears the greatest pressure.

The tiny krimps come in two sizes, 0.5mm and 0.6mm, making them versatile and adaptable to various Chod Rig setups. Crimping is an excellent method for achieving clean, robust connections, especially when dealing with stiffer or thicker materials that can be challenging to knot effectively. It also allows you to consistently get the hook link length just right, which is especially valuable for Chod Rigs.

It’s crucial to select the correct krimp size for your Mouth Trap. The XS 0.5mm krimps are recommended for use with 15lb and 20lb Mouth Trap, while the Small 0.6mm version is best suited for the heavier 25lb filament. Each pack of these Chod Krimps contains 50 krimps, conveniently housed in a neat box with a sliding lid to prevent spillages.

In summary, the Korda Chod Krimps are a groundbreaking addition to your angling arsenal, streamlining the process of creating Chod Rigs with precision and efficiency. With these specialised krimps, you can look forward to hassle-free rig customisation and quick changes in your angling game.

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0.5mm, 0.6mm

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