Korda Wide Gape B


  • All round carp hook
  • Barbless
  • Black nickel finish
  • Ideal for a variety of rigs
  • Aggressive in-turned eye
  • Flips over and holds
  • No need for kickers
  • 10 per pack


Introducing the Korda Wide Gape B Barbless hook – a true masterpiece in the realm of carp fishing, offering unparalleled excellence across the board. This meticulously engineered hook is designed with a singular focus on delivering optimal performance, particularly on commercial fisheries. The inclusion of a barbless design is complemented by a sleek black nickel finish, not only enhancing its versatility but also providing a visually discreet profile underwater.

Straight out of the packet, these hooks showcase their readiness to take on a wide spectrum of rigs, positioning themselves as the ideal choice for anglers who prioritize convenience without compromising on effectiveness. The hook’s aggressive in-turned eye is a key feature, ensuring a reliable flip-over action that seamlessly anchors it in the fish’s mouth, eliminating the need for additional kickers or a shrink tube.

Beyond its functional attributes, the Korda Wide Gape B Barbless hook transcends conventional standards in design and practicality. Each pack thoughtfully contains 10 hooks, offering an ample supply to cater to your varied angling pursuits. Elevate your carp fishing experience with the assurance that the Korda Wide Gape B Barbless hook provides – a perfect fusion of meticulous design and practical functionality with every cast.

Immerse yourself in the essence of angling sophistication as you explore the underwater realm with this exceptional hook. With Korda, embrace a commitment to perfection and reliability, enhancing your angling prowess one meticulously designed hook at a time. The Korda Wide Gape Barbless hook beckons, inviting you to redefine your expectations and immerse yourself in a new era of carp fishing sophistication.

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