Korda Spod Marker Braid


  • Ideal for feature finding and spodding
  • Perfect for marker rod
  • Low diameter; Zero stretch
  • No shockleader needed
  • Silky smooth casting
  • Camo Green; 200m spool

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The Korda Spod Marker Braid is a top-notch choice for anglers who value accuracy and long-distance casting. With its 200m spool, you’ll have plenty of line to work with, ensuring you’re always prepared for any fishing scenario. The braid is specially designed for use with spods and markers, making it an essential tool for baiting up effectively and locating those perfect fishing spots.
With a reliable breaking strain of 30lb, this braid provides the strength needed to handle the demands of spodding and marker work. Its low-stretch properties ensure that you get maximum feedback, allowing you to feel even the subtlest movements and features on the lakebed. This sensitivity is vital for mapping out the bottom accurately and finding those hidden hotspots where the fish love to congregate.
The Korda Spod Marker Braid boasts a silky smooth texture, making it glide effortlessly through your rod guides and reducing any friction during long casts. This not only improves casting distance but also minimizes line abrasion, ensuring your line remains in excellent condition for extended use.
The Camo Green colour is carefully chosen to provide a stealthy presentation, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings and reducing the chances of spooking wary fish. The unobtrusive color scheme is particularly advantageous when fishing in clear waters or pressured fishing environments.
When you’re out on the water, you need gear you can rely on, and the Korda Spod Marker Braid delivers on all fronts. Whether you’re targeting carp, catfish, or any other species, this braid will provide the performance you need to succeed. So, load up your reel with confidence, and let the Korda Basix Spod and Marker Fishing Braid take your fishing game to new heights.

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