Korda Basix Mainline 1000m


  • Superb all round carp line
  • Abrasion resistant and tough
  • Superb casting
  • Good knot strength
  • Camo green
  • Low level of stretch
  • 1000m


Explore the outstanding features of the Korda Basix Mainline 1000m, a premium choice for all-around carp specimen fishing. This fishing line stands out for its exceptional performance across various angling scenarios.

Boasting a remarkable level of performance, the Korda Basix Mainline is designed to meet the demands of carp fishing enthusiasts. Its impressive abrasion resistance and toughness ensure durability, allowing you to tackle challenging conditions with confidence.

Experience smooth and efficient casting, thanks to the well-crafted design of this fishing line. The Korda Basix Mainline offers excellent knot strength, providing reliability in securing your rigs and bait.

Enhancing its versatility, this fishing line features a camo green color, allowing it to blend seamlessly with different underwater environments. This camouflage element adds a strategic edge to your fishing setup, making it less visible to the discerning eyes of carp.

Moreover, the Korda Basix Mainline exhibits a relatively low level of stretch. This characteristic contributes to improved sensitivity, enabling you to detect subtle bites and movements more effectively.

In summary, the Korda Basix Mainline 1000m stands as a top-tier choice for carp specimen fishing, delivering a combination of durability, casting efficiency, knot strength, and camouflage advantage that will elevate your angling experience.

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12lb, 15lb

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