Korda Spod Braid


  • Braided line for spodding
  • Low stretch
  • Perfect for long range casting
  • Sub green colour
  • 300m spool

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Korda Spod Braid is a high-performance braided line designed for spod fishing. It is made from a low-stretch material that makes it easy to cast long distances and accurately.
Korda Spod Braid is available in a breaking strain of 20lb, which is ideal for most spod fishing applications. It is also available in a Sub-Green colour, which helps to make it less visible to fish.
Korda Spod Braid is easy to work with and can be tied into a variety of knots. It is also very strong, making it a reliable choice for use in critical situations.
Additional features:
High-performance braided line
Low-stretch material
20lb breaking strain
Sub-Green colour
Easy to work with
Benefits of using Korda Spod Braid:
Low-stretch design makes it easy to cast long distances and accurately
Strong enough to withstand the rigours of spod fishing
SUB-Green colour makes it less visible to fish
Versatile line that can be used in a variety of spod fishing rigs
If you are serious about spod fishing, then this Spod Braid is a must-have line. It is a high-quality product that will help you catch more fish.
Additional things to consider when choosing a spod braid:
Breaking strain: The breaking strain of the spod braid should be high enough to withstand the weight of your spod and any bait or rig you are using.
Diameter: The diameter of the spod braid should be small enough to cast easily, but large enough to be strong enough to withstand the rigours of spod fishing.
Colour: The colour of the spod braid should be as inconspicuous as possible to avoid spooking fish.

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