Kodex Spinner Trace


  • 7 strand wire
  • Swivels and crimp sleeves
  • Safety clip to attach lure
  • 2 per pack


The Kodex Spinner Trace 20lb, available in convenient 2-piece packets, is your go-to solution for all your pike spinning needs. These wire traces are expertly crafted using Japanese seven-strand wire, ensuring their quality and reliability. Here are some key features of these traces:

High-Quality Components: The traces are constructed using premium Japanese seven-strand wire, ensuring their durability and strength.

Swivels and Crimps: Each trace is equipped with matte black size eight swivels and black copper crimp sleeves. These components are precisely tensioned using a special machine with air pressure, guaranteeing a secure and tight connection.

Silicone Sleeving: The crimps are further protected by silicone sleeving, enhancing safety and rig presentation.

Safety Clip: These traces feature a secure safety clip, making it quick and easy to attach lures. This ensures efficient and hassle-free setup during your fishing adventures.

Wire Trace Necessity: Using a wire trace above your lure is crucial to prevent losing fish, especially when targeting pike, as they can effortlessly cut through mono lines.

Variety of Breaking Strains: Kodex Spinner Traces are available in 20lb and 28lb breaking strains, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your fishing requirements. Each packet includes two traces for your convenience.

The Kodex Spinner Trace 20lb is an essential addition to your tackle collection, providing reliability and peace of mind during your pike spinning adventures. Its high-quality components and versatile breaking strains make it a dependable choice for anglers seeking success in their fishing pursuits.

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