Guru Super XS Barbless


  • Barbless eyed hook
  • Superb for straight hooking baits
  • Super strong wide gape pattern
  • Perfect for hair rigging or banding
  • PTFE coated
  • Great hook hold
  • Perfect for hair rigging on commercials


The Guru Super XS Barbless hook is an exceptional addition to the renowned XS Spade family, known for its lethal straight hooking performance with baits for big fish. This particular hook comes with an eyed version available in both barbed and barbless options, making it a highly versatile and strong wide-gape pattern suitable for various fishing scenarios.
Crafted with precision, the Guru Super XS Barbless hook features a PTFE coating, ensuring the ultimate combination of strength, sharpness, and durability. With its extra-wide gape, this hook guarantees an unbeatable hook hold, providing anglers with added confidence during intense battles with powerful fish.
The long point of the hook proves to be a significant advantage when hair-rigging or banding baits, making it challenging for fish to evade getting securely hooked. Whether you’re fishing on commercial venues with barbless rules or natural waters where barbed hooks are allowed, this hook proves to be a reliable choice.
Available in sizes ranging from 8 to 20, the Guru Super XS Barbless is the ultimate specimen pattern, catering to a wide range of fishing situations. From hair rigging chunks of meat to entice barbel, to banding 6mm pellets for chub, and even for general hair-rigging on commercial waters targeting big fish, this hook is the ideal companion.
Anglers praise the Guru Super XS Barbless hook for its consistent performance and adaptability across diverse fishing environments. With this hook in your arsenal, you can confidently pursue your angling ambitions and secure remarkable catches. Upgrade your tackle box with the Guru Super XS Barbless hook and experience the difference it makes in your fishing success.

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8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20

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