Drennan Acolyte Silverfish


  • Micro barbed hooks perfect for canals and drains
  • Ideal for baits such as squatts, pinkies and maggots
  • Finished in red to match the baits traditionally used
  • Ultra durable and strong
  • Micro barbed super sharp long lasting needle points
  • Spade end forged pattern
  • 10 hooks per pack


The Drennan Acolyte Silverfish Hooks stand out as a specialized solution crafted specifically for the nuances of canal and drain fishing. Tailored to excel in these environments, these hooks are particularly well-suited for use with baits such as squatts, pinkies, and maggots, enhancing their versatility for various angling scenarios. Notably, the hooks are meticulously finished in a vibrant red hue, aligning seamlessly with the traditional baits employed in this style of fishing.

Crafted from ultra-durable and robust materials, the Drennan Acolyte Silverfish Hooks exemplify strength and longevity. The micro barbed design, coupled with super-sharp needle points, ensures a powerful and secure hookset, significantly increasing your chances of a successful catch. The incorporation of a spade end forged pattern adds a classic touch to their design, further contributing to their effectiveness in securing fish.

A noteworthy feature of these hooks is their packaging; each pack includes 10 hooks, providing anglers with a convenient and ample supply to meet their fishing needs. This ensures that you can easily replenish your tackle box for successive fishing trips without worrying about running out of these essential hooks.

In summary, the Drennan Acolyte Silverfish Hooks offer a comprehensive solution for anglers engaged in canal and drain fishing. From their specialized design for specific bait types to their durable construction and classic patterns, these hooks are a reliable choice for those seeking a high-performance tool for their fishing endeavors. The thoughtful packaging in sets of 10 further enhances their practicality, making them a must-have in your fishing arsenal for consistent success on the water.

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