Guru Micro Lead Clip


  • Matches colour of lakebed
  • Clips, tail rubbers, and swivels
  • 10 per pack

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The Guru Micro Lead Clip is a meticulously designed tackle accessory that ensures smooth fishing lines and minimises the risk of tangles during casting. Crafted with precision, this mini version of the lead clip favoured by specimen carp anglers offers exceptional performance for anglers of all levels.

Featuring a sculpted design, the Guru Micro Lead Clip promotes the seamless flow of fishing lines, preventing unnecessary knots and twists during flight. This results in more accurate and controlled casts, increasing your chances of landing that perfect catch. Additionally, the lead clips are equipped with tail rubbers that seamlessly blend with the clip body, further enhancing their anti-tangle properties and providing a secure setup.

Safety is of utmost importance, and the Guru Micro Lead Clips have been designed with fish welfare in mind. In the event of the fish becoming tethered, these lead clips allow the fish to easily shed the lead, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring their well-being. This fish-friendly design demonstrates Guru’s commitment to responsible angling practices.

The coloor of the Micro Lead Clips has been carefully chosen to match the natural lakebed conditions commonly found in lakes. The discreet hue allows the clips to blend seamlessly with the lakebed, making them virtually invisible, especially when fish are actively feeding and stirring up sediment. This camouflage effect increases the chances of fooling wary fish and enhances your angling success.

Each pack of Guru Micro Lead Clips contains 10 clips, tail rubbers, and swivels, providing you with everything you need to set up your fishing rig with ease. Whether you’re targeting specimen carp or pursuing other species, these lead clips offer a reliable and efficient solution for your angling needs.

Investing in high-quality tackle accessories is essential for any angler, and the Guru Micro Lead Clip will deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With their precision engineering, fish-safe design, and lakebed-matching colour, these clips are a valuable addition to your fishing arsenal, ensuring a successful and enjoyable angling experience.

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