Garbolino Hair Rig Latex Net


  • Perfect feeder net
  • Quick dry 3mm latex
  • Eliminates hair rig tangles
  • Handle not included


The Garbolino Hair Rig Latex Net is a perfect landing net specifically designed for feeder fishing. Its classic oval shape and open blue frame provide optimal protection for the upper part of the mesh, ensuring secure fish retention during landing.
The net is crafted with fine quick-dry 3mm blue latex material, which offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides quick drying properties, allowing you to get back to fishing without delay. Additionally, the latex mesh is specially designed to eliminate hair rig tangles when unhooking fish, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient angling experience.
Please note that the handle is not included with the net, providing you with the flexibility to choose a handle that best suits your preferences and fishing requirements.
The Garbolino Hair Rig Latex Net is the ideal companion for feeder fishing enthusiasts. Its classic oval shape, open blue frame, and fine quick-dry 3mm blue latex mesh make it a reliable and practical net for landing fish. Say goodbye to hair rig tangles and enjoy a seamless unhooking process with this exceptional landing net.

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45cm x 35cm, 50cm x 40cm

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