Garbolino Hair Rig Net


  • Big fish net
  • Extra strong
  • Net buoyant in water
  • 3mm textile mesh
  • Mesh eliminates tangles
  • Perfect for hair rigging
  • Handle not included


The Garbolino Hair Rig Net is the perfect tool for netting big fish with ease. Its G shape wide profile spoon design allows for efficient and effective netting, ensuring you can safely land your prized catches.
Crafted with a classic D shaped blue frame, this net offers extra strength and durability to handle the rigors of intense angling. The blue EVA tubes incorporated into the design help keep the net buoyant in water, making it easier to maneuver during landing.
The net features a 3mm textile micro mesh in a vibrant blue color. This mesh is specially designed to eliminate hair rig tangles, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience when unhooking fish. Whether you’re using hair rigs or other specialized fishing techniques, this net is ideal for ensuring a tangle-free retrieval.
Please note that the handle is not included with the net, allowing you the flexibility to choose a handle that suits your preferences and fishing style.
The Garbolino Hair Rig Net combines functionality and durability in a single package. With its G shape wide profile spoon, classic D shaped blue frame, and innovative mesh design, it’s the perfect tool for netting big fish. Say goodbye to tangles and enjoy a seamless hair rigging experience with this exceptional net.

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47cm x 42cm, 52cm x 47cm

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