Fox Ronnie Tapered Point Sleeves


  • Fixes swivel to hook eye
  • Ideal for Ronnie/Spinner rigs
  • Simple to use
  • Neat and streamlined
  • Reusable sleeve
  • Quick hook changes
  • Can be trimmed as needed

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‘- Easy way of securing the swivel to the eye of the hook on Ronnie/Spinner rig presentations – Thread over the point of the hook and up the shank and then slide neatly over the eye and Kwik Change Hook Swivel to hold securely in place – Tapered point ensures the set up is neat – Sleeve can be reused – Allows for quick hook changes with no need for shrink tubing – Sleeve can be used to lock the swivel in place for a traditional style Ronnie rig – Can be trimmed to leave the eye of the Kwik Change Hook Swivel exposed to increase movement

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