Rage Terminator Dropshot


  • Designed for dropshotting
  • Length 270cm
  • Casting weight 4 to 17g
  • Light and strong
  • Fast action
  • Cork and Eva handle

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The Fox Rage Terminator Dropshot Rod is a remarkable addition to the esteemed Terminator series, meticulously tailored for dropshotting techniques. Here’s what you need to know about this exceptional rod:
Length: 270cm: With a generous length of 270cm, this rod provides an advantageous reach for precise dropshotting presentations.
Casting Weight: 4 to 17g: Versatility is key when it comes to dropshot fishing, and this rod accommodates a casting weight range of 4 to 17g, making it suitable for various bait sizes and conditions.
Designed Specifically for Dropshot Fishing Application: Crafted with dropshot fishing in mind, this rod offers the finesse and sensitivity required for this specialized technique.
Light yet Strong Design with Fast Action Blanks: Its design strikes the perfect balance between lightness for extended comfort and strength for confident hooksets. The fast action blanks enhance your control and responsiveness.
Features IM9 Multi-Directional Carbon: With IM9 Multi-Directional Carbon, you’ll experience exceptional durability and sensitivity, ensuring you feel every subtle bite.
Cork and Eva Split Handles: The rod’s handles feature a combination of cork and Eva, providing you with a comfortable and secure grip for extended fishing sessions.
The Fox Rage Terminator Dropshot Rod is a tool designed to elevate your dropshotting game, offering precision, sensitivity, and the durability required for successful and enjoyable angling experiences.

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