Mitchell Tanager Spin Combo


  • Great rod reel combo
  • ideal for fresh and salt water
  • 2 piece spinning rod
  • Mitchell spinning reel
  • Loaded with 8lb line


The Mitchell Tanager Spin Combo is the ideal choice for those just starting their angling journey or occasional anglers looking for a reliable and versatile fishing setup. This combo brings together a carefully selected 2-piece Mitchell Tanager Spinning Rod and a Mitchell Tanager Spinning Reel, offering a package that delivers both performance and convenience.
Let’s delve into the details of what makes this combo a standout choice. The heart of this combo is the Mitchell Tanager Spinning Rod, known for its quality and functionality. This 2-piece rod boasts an exclusive matte Camo finish, not only adding a touch of style but also ensuring that it can endure the rigors of fishing in various environments.
Constructed with a high-resistance fibreglass blank, this rod is designed to withstand knocks and scrapes, making it a dependable companion for those learning the ropes or for anglers who encounter rough conditions. The LTS guide quality further enhances the rod’s performance, ensuring smooth line flow and casting accuracy.
Complementing the rod is the Mitchell Tanager Spinning Reel, equipped with 1 ball-bearing for reliable operation. This reel comes pre-spooled with quality 8lb line, saving you the hassle of rigging it up and allowing you to hit the water with confidence right out of the box.
In essence, the Mitchell Tanager Spin Combo is more than just a fishing setup; it’s your gateway to enjoyable and hassle-free angling experiences. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the art of fishing or an occasional angler seeking a dependable and convenient combo for your adventures, this combo has you covered. With its well-crafted rod and reliable reel, it’s ready to accompany you on your fishing journeys, making every moment by the water a memorable one.

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