Rage Indicator Adaptor Stem


  • Converts buzz bar setup
  • Allows use of drop-off indicators
  • Ideal with a rod pod when dead baiting
  • Matt black design

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Introducing the Rage Indicator Adaptor Stem, a versatile tool that adds adaptability to your angling setup. This smart accessory is designed to convert your buzz bar setup, enabling the use of drop-off indicators. Whether you’re pursuing predators with dead bait or simply looking to enhance your setup, this adaptor stem is a valuable addition to your fishing gear.
Key Features:
Buzz Bar Compatibility: The Rage Indicator Adaptor Stem seamlessly converts your buzz bar setup. Now, you can easily incorporate drop-off indicators into your rig, expanding your fishing options.
Ideal for Predator Fishing: This adaptor stem is particularly well-suited for anglers pursuing predators. It’s perfect for those moments when you’re dead baiting and need a reliable way to detect any bites or movements.
Sleek Design: With a matte black finish and the stylish Fox Rage logo, this adaptor stem not only adds functionality but also a touch of sophistication to your setup. It’s a combination of form and function that enhances your overall angling experience.
With the Rage Indicator Adaptor Stem in your arsenal, you can transform your fishing setup to accommodate drop-off indicators, offering you more versatility and accuracy when pursuing predators. Plus, its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your gear, ensuring you’re well-prepared for a successful and stylish day of fishing.

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