Fox Pop-Up Weight Dispenser


  • Balancing and weighting in a single dispenser
  • Four sizes
  • Easy attachment
  • Simply stretch rubber and place in slot
  • Secure and safe grip
  • No line damage

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The Fox Pop-Up Weight Dispenser is a must-have tool for every angler seeking precision and versatility in their rig setup. This clever dispenser offers a multitude of balancing and weighting options, all conveniently stored in a single unit.
With four different sizes included, you can cover a wide range of uses with ease. Whether you need to fine-tune the buoyancy of your pop-up baits or add a touch of extra weight for a specific presentation, this dispenser has you covered.
Using the Fox Pop-Up Weight Dispenser is a breeze. Simply attach the desired weight by stretching a piece of the rubber tube and placing it into the slot. The rubber tube securely holds the weight in place without causing any damage to your line.
This dispenser is a game-changer when it comes to achieving the perfect presentation for your pop-up baits. You can experiment with different combinations of weights to create a variety of balanced rigs that will fool even the most cautious carp.
No more fumbling around with individual weights or searching for the right one. The Fox Pop-Up Weight Dispenser puts everything you need at your fingertips, making your rig adjustments quick, easy, and efficient.
Take your rig customization to the next level with the Fox Pop-Up Weight Dispenser. Elevate your pop-up presentations and increase your chances of success on the bank. Trust in the quality and innovation of Fox products and experience the difference it makes in your angling journey. So, make sure to have the Fox Pop-Up Weight Dispenser in your tackle box and be ready to adapt to any fishing situation with confidence.

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