Fox Downrigger Back Weights


  • Keeps mainline pinned down
  • Reduces spooked fish
  • Avoids boats and birds
  • Releases on snagging
  • Large and small clips
  • 3 per pack


Fox Downrigger Back Weights are specially designed to provide anglers with an effective solution for keeping the mainline pinned down, reducing the chance of spooking fish in the process. These weights are particularly ideal for fishing venues with boat traffic or bird life, where maintaining a low profile is crucial.

The unique design of the clip relies on a friction fit to the weight, ensuring a secure attachment. However, in the event of the weight becoming snagged, it will release, preventing potential line breakages and allowing anglers to retrieve their tackle without any hassle.

Each pack of Fox Downrigger Back Weights now comes with both large and small clips. The addition of the small clip is particularly advantageous, as it ensures that the weight will not pass over the end tackle. This means that the weight can rest above the hooklength, optimizing rig presentation and increasing the chances of a successful hook-up.

With three back weights included in each pack, anglers have enough options to tailor their setup according to their specific fishing requirements. Whether you are targeting elusive specimens or aiming for a successful session on heavily populated waters, these back weights offer versatility and reliability.

Invest in Fox Downrigger Back Weights to enhance your angling experience and increase your chances of success. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, these weights are a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box. So, get ready to keep your mainline pinned down and outsmart those elusive fish!

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21g, 43g, 57g

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