Fox Camera Adaptor


  • Great for bank side selfies
  • Black anodised aluminium construction
  • Fits all Black Label QR bank sticks

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The Fox Camera Adaptor is a versatile and essential accessory for anglers looking to capture those memorable moments on the bank. Crafted from durable black anodised aluminium, this adapter is built to withstand the rigours of angling while providing the stability and support your camera equipment needs.
Designed to fit seamlessly with all Black Label QR banksticks, this adapter ensures a secure and reliable connection for your camera or other accessories. Whether you’re looking to attach a camera phone holder for those stunning self-take catch shots or a photography light to illuminate your fishing setup, this adapter has you covered.
With the Fox Camera Adaptor in your kit, you can effortlessly transform your angling sessions into memorable photographic experiences. Its compatibility with various camera equipment and accessories makes it a valuable addition to your gear, allowing you to capture every fishing moment with precision and clarity.

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