ESP QuickDraw Compact Unhooking Mat


  • Perfect for carp to over 30lb
  • Transformed in seconds to a cradle
  • Simply tighten the drawcord
  • Gives extra protection to lively carp
  • No zips, no Velcro, no assembly

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Introducing the ESP Compact Unhooking Mat, a versatile and practical solution for anglers seeking swift and efficient fish care. In a matter of seconds, this mat can be transformed from a flat surface into a protective cradle by simply tightening the drawcord at each end. This ingenious design eliminates the need for zippers, Velcro, or any complex assembly.

The Compact Unhooking Mat prioritizes fish safety with its generous padding, soft and easy-to-clean contact surface, and a robust camo outer material, mirroring the quality of our luggage range. Reinforced webbing carry handles make transporting your catch back to the water after weighing and photography a breeze. When it’s time to release the fish, the drawcord at one end can be easily loosened, allowing for a gentle slide back into the water. Additionally, strategically placed drainage holes in each corner prevent water accumulation within the mat when the sides are raised.

Designed with short-session and travel-light anglers in mind, the Compact mat is perfect for carp up to and over 30lb, offering versatile protection for a wide range of catches. Furthermore, its roll-up design ensures compact storage and transit, with added buckles for hassle-free attachment to the Quickdraw Rucksack.

Key Features of the ESP Compact Unhooking Mat:

  • Swift transformation from flat mat to cradle with a simple drawcord tightening
  • No zippers, Velcro, or complex assembly required
  • Generously padded for fish protection
  • Soft and easy-to-clean contact surface
  • Tough camo outer material, mirroring the quality of ESP’s luggage range
  • Reinforced webbing carry handles for easy transportation
  • Drawcord for gentle fish release
  • Drainage holes in each corner for water dispersion
  • Ideal for short sessions and travel-light angling
  • Suitable for carp up to 30lb and beyond
  • Roll-up design for compact storage and transit
  • Includes buckles for easy attachment to the Quickdraw Rucksack

With the ESP Compact Unhooking Mat, you can prioritize fish safety and convenience, ensuring that your angling adventures are both responsible and enjoyable.

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