Dynamite Floating Pellets


  • 11mm floating pellets
  • Designed for surface fishing


Dynamite Floating Pellets offer a thrilling and action-packed method of targeting carp off the top. This exciting surface fishing technique allows anglers to enjoy the adrenaline rush as carp come to the surface to feed.
Designed to match the explosive experience of surface fishing, Dynamite’s Big Fish floating pellets are guaranteed to consistently attract cruising carp. These high-quality pellets, measuring at 11mm, are perfect for carp and specimen anglers looking to excel in surface fishing.
Available in 1.1kg bags, the Big Fish floating pellets provide ample bait for multiple sessions. Dynamite Bait anglers recommend baiting likely areas to observe carp behaviour before setting up your swim. Adding big handfuls of floater pellets in rafts of weeds, scum, and snags can keep the carp interested before hooking them.
The Big Fish range offers three proven flavours to enhance your chances of success:

  • Natural Fishmeal: Sticks to the organic colours that carp love.
  • Sweet Tiger: Features added colour and attractant to stimulate surface feeding.
  • Krill: Also contains added colour and attractant for enticing surface feeding.

With Dynamite Floating Pellets, you can elevate your surface fishing game and enjoy the thrill of catching carp as they rise to the top to devour these irresistible baits.

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Krill, Sweet Tiger, Natural Fishmeal

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