Dynamite Frenzied Hempseed


  • Cooked in the tin
  • Retains oils and attractants
  • Ready to use
  • Great for holding fish in swim
  • Ideal for shorter sessions
  • 100% natural
  • 700g tin

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Dynamite Frenzied Hempseed is the ultimate choice for carp anglers seeking a reliable and effective particle bait. Packed in a convenient 700g tin, these hemp seeds are perfect for shorter sessions on the bankside, and you can easily carry them in your carryall or rucksack for quick access.
Not only is Frenzied Hempseed a beloved choice among carp, but it also serves as an irresistible carpet feed, attracting fish from afar. What sets this hemp apart is its natural preservatives, ensuring minimal residue on the water’s surface, providing a clean and efficient fishing experience.
The Frenzied range prides itself on delivering quality pre-cooked baits straight from the packaging. Inside each tin, the hemp seeds are pre-cooked to perfection, retaining all the natural oils and attractants, and absolutely no preservatives are added. With this completely natural bait, you can rely on the pure power of hemp to lure in the fish.
Gone are the days of preparation hassle. With Dynamite Frenzied Hempseed, all you need is a tin opener, and you’re ready to go! Scoop out the ready-to-use bait straight from the tin, and you’re equipped to conquer the waters with ease.
If you’re looking for a hassle-free, natural, and effective carp bait, look no further than Dynamite Frenzied Hempseed. Elevate your fishing game with this top-quality particle bait that guarantees exceptional results on your angling adventures.

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