Drennan External Bungee Bush


  • Pure white bushes
  • Matches Bungee connectors
  • Improve recovery of elastic
  • Reduces wear
  • 2 per pack


Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes are meticulously crafted from pure white PTFE, offering exceptional quality and performance. These bushes are specifically shaped to seamlessly match up with Polemaster Bungee Connectors, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.
Designed to enhance the stretch and recovery of pole elastic, the Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes effectively minimize wear and tear, prolonging the lifespan of your elastic. With their reliable construction and precise engineering, these bushes provide improved performance and durability.
Available in various sizes, each carefully chosen to correspond to specific bungee ratings, you can select the perfect fit for your angling needs. The available sizes and their respective bungee ratings are as follows:
6-12 (Green / Yellow)
10-16 (Yellow / Pink)
14-20 (Pink / Red)
18-25 (Red / Orange)
With the Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes, you can trust in their ability to optimize your elastic’s performance. The pure white PTFE construction ensures smooth operation, minimizing friction and allowing for seamless stretch and recovery.
Upgrade your angling setup with these high-quality bungee bushes from Drennan and experience the benefits of enhanced elastic performance and reduced wear. Trust in Drennan’s reputation for producing top-notch tackle, catering to the needs of passionate anglers like you.

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6 / 12 Elastic, 10 / 16 Elastic, 14 / 20 Elastic, 18 / 25 Elastic

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