Drennan Power Pull Elastic


  • High performance pole elastic
  • Tough and durable
  • 6 metre length
  • Accurate diameters
  • Great stretch and recovery


Introducing the Drennan Power Pull Fishing Elastic, a comprehensive range of solid core elastics designed to elevate your fishing experience. This high-performance elastic is engineered with precision and features an exceptionally smooth surface finish, ensuring optimal performance on the water.
The Power Pull elastic stands out with its remarkable toughness and durability, making it perfect for enduring the rigors of angling. Despite its robust construction, it maintains a low diameter to strength ratio, providing you with a winning combination of power and sensitivity. Its superb stretch and recovery properties further enhance its performance, allowing you to handle even the most spirited fish with confidence.
Each pack of Power Pull elastic includes a generous 6-meter length, sufficient to outfit two top kits. This ensures that you have an ample supply of elastic to meet your fishing needs. In a departure from traditional elastic ratings, Drennan has opted to provide the true diameter of the elastic. This approach, similar to accurate quiver tips that quote the correct test curve, allows anglers to precisely understand the capabilities of each diameter.
Experience the accuracy and reliability of the Drennan Power Pull Fishing Elastic, and take your fishing to the next level. With its exceptional performance and thoughtful design, this elastic empowers anglers to achieve their desired results with ease. Upgrade your fishing gear with Power Pull and unlock a new level of control and success on the water.

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1.0mm Aqua, 1.2mm Pink, 1.4mm Yellow, 1.6mm Green, 1.8mm Red, 2.0mm Blue, 2.2mm Purple, 2.4mm Orange

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